The assortment of Quaro is manufactured by one of the world leading groups specialising in production of brake discs, friction linings, and suspension elements. Currently, the company has in its range close to 4,000 applications which covers almost the entire vehicle fleet in the world. Quaro’s products are used primarily in vehicles of the German, French, Italian and Asian brands. At this time, the group’s offer is supplied to over 70 countries (Europe, USA, Canada). Quaro’s products are distributed on exclusivity basis by Auto Partner SA which presently offers almost 300 items of stabiliser links, more than 500 items of blocks and almost 400 items of discs. Works on more applications are in progress. Quaro brake blocks ensure shorter braking distance and better feeling of a brake pedal, while their use extends the average interval between replacements of blocks. The pair is perfectly complemented by Quaro brake discs, designed to excellently work with blocks of this manufacturer. Quaro’s links stand out due to increased resistance to work in difficult conditions which guarantees a longer period of their failure-free operation, ensuring excellent damping of vibrations from the stabilisation system.

A high quality mixture used for production of the blocks meets all safety criteria applied to original equipment. Quaro brake blocks not only comply with all applicable standards, but also exceed their criteria, and their most important advantages include among others:

• no vibrations and squeals during braking,
• extended life,
• much better friction coefficient,
• reduced dusting,
• they do not require extra heating,
• optimal operation in the entire temperature range,
• they do not cause faster brake disc wear.

Users of Quaro brake blocks do not experience poorer performance or brake pedal “dropping” effect even after a long period of use. The offer of blocks is ideally complemented by Quaro brake discs having cast iron composition tailored to the friction lining mixture. They are covered with anti-corrosion coating ensuring users may enjoy perfect appearance for much longer.

All Quaro blocks are fitted with anti-vibration pads. They considerably reduce the phenomenon of acoustic resonance, vibrations and squeals which might occur during braking. The difference in comfort of use of blocks without damping pads or with low quality pads, and Quaro blocks, fitted with the highest class “shims”, is immediately felt. The anti-corrosion coating covering Quaro discs delays the corrosion process occurring on the disc edges, preventing their breaking off and ensuring excellent appearance for much longer. The use of the coating also eliminates the need for degreasing discs before mounting them which reduces costs and shortens time of repair.

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Premium class braking blocks – key for safe driving


Good quality brake block – good quality brake disc, seeking braking grail


Replacement of braking blocks – secret knowledge



One of the most important brake system element is a brake lining commonly called brake pad. Quaro offers a product that guarantees the highest braking effectiveness and reliability, what has a direct influence on the safety of the driver, his passengers and all other road users as well. Only the highest quality friction materials and components are used in manufacturing of Quaro brake pads, what is confirmed by many held certificates and ECE R90 homologation. All Quaro products are constantly tested and quality approved during different stages of the manufacturing process, they are free from asbestos and toxic heavy metals.

Premium class braking blocks – key for safe driving

Some people claim that the vehicle shall be used for two functions: drive and brake. The rest is a redundant luxury. It is controversial opinion, but it contains a lot of true. What is more, the braking process seems to be far more important there. One of main roles play seemingly inconspicuous braking blocks. Why is it so important? **What...

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