Premium class braking blocks – key for safe driving

Some people claim that the vehicle shall be used for two functions: drive and brake. The rest is a redundant luxury. It is controversial opinion, but it contains a lot of true. What is more, the braking process seems to be far more important there. One of main roles play seemingly inconspicuous braking blocks. Why is it so important?

**What braking blocks are? **

The braking blocks is the vehicle element that, despite its minor size, is of great importance during every, event the shortest vehicle tip. The vehicle without blocks or with damaged or bad quality blocks – changes into something like accelerated cannon shells that shall not be stopped.

**For what braking blocks are used? **

The blocks are an element of greater element, that is the braking system, which consists of among others braking discs, braking cables and small pistons. All these subassemblies are used while the process of a vehicle stop, that is verifying that a few tons vehicle reduce speed in few or several seconds. It is easy to imagine that the braking system is than a subject of huge load, especially blocks which are pressed to braking discs.

**What braking blocks are exposed to? **

The blocks task is to stop braking discs rotating with tires efficiently. Depending on the situation, the blocks affect on a disc with different force. During this process, big amount of heat is released, and friction surface of the block is worn systematically. The disc is corroded and sand as well as contamination hinder very hard operations of blocks. The blocks starts to wear unevenly, worsening the braking quality, and in extreme cases its working surface even cracks causing the vehicle to veer off proper course in right or left side.

**What requirements are braking blocks facing? **

Despite not excessively complicated structure – to put it as shortly as possible, the plates are made of hard metal and covered with several millimeters friction cover plate – it is the quality of performance and the type of used materials that is of key importance. Due to the fact that blocks „operate” under extreme conditions all the time, it must be resistant to high temperature that are present during the braking (several hundred, and sometimes exceeding one thousands Celsius degrees), and provide proper friction features – without excessive grinding braking discs.

Additionally, it must be prepared in the event of the strangest ideas of drivers, such as the following: driving when hand brake is activated or a drive down from high elevation with brake pedal pressed. Besides, every mechanic could quote not only single history of wrong using of discs and blocks.

But it is not all we should expect from professional braking blocks. The elements shall be ready to be used 24 hours and 365 days in a year, that is work uniformly in every atmosphere and road conditions. The force of braking cannot fade during excessive warming of discs (this phenomenon is called fading).

We do not write about such details as silent operations of the system block-disc during working and as the lowest level of fluids emission occurring while friction because today’s it is a standard, at least among prestigious manufacturers, such as Quaro.

**What type of material the braking blocks are made of? **

Wiemy już, jak ciężką i odpowiedzialną pracę wykonują klocki hamulcowe. Do we know anything about its manufacturing? What is the success secret? Unfortunately, manufacturers are not eager to share their know-how. Key element of blocks are friction linings. Its composition is often the most diligently watched secret of the company.

We will find there steel wool and copper filings for sure. The elements are bonded with an aluminium oxide mixed with other components of mineral origins. We will not find for sure heavy metals, and previously popular asbestos – material that was characterized by high resistance on extreme temperature but with the friction it was becoming real ecological bomb.

In parenthesis, copper elements also are not perfect material. In USA, recall and replacement with less harmful material is postulated. The problem is nothing like that has appeared. Anyway, works on the improvement of manufacturing process and using new semi-finished products are still in progress.

**Key for success? Checks, tests and certificates. **

The rule for perfect braking blocks seems to be simple. It starts from designing works. Afterwards, semi-finished products are bought. Next chase is the production. In the event of elements that have real influence on users safety, attaining perfect repeatability of production processes is necessary. Putting it bluntly – every block must be equally perfect under every condition. Fortunately, in the time of industrial and IT automation of the supervision over every element of the process, such attitude is a standard.

The most important control of every chase and repeated tests, which eliminate the risk of releasing damaged product in the market. Meeting high standards implied by external appointed institutions shall not be forget. The effect of this production philosophy are certificates, that are the confirmation of produced elements.

**We are looking forward to doing business with you! **

Quaro while manufacturing braking blocks use best efforts to connect phenomenal quality with exceptional competitive price. It is extremely hard task but in the area of safety, we can add the elements of braking system, no compromise can be accepted.

We encourage to familiarize with our offer. If you have any questions or doubts connected with our products – you are welcome to contact us.